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Best Web Designing Pro Course, Web Designing Courses In Kolkata

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Web Designing Pro

Today the entire world connects through the Web which has become integrated in people’s lives. Each business marks their online presence through their website. At Hi-Tech Animation our comprehensive online web-design course aims to teach the skills and disciplines needed to plan, conceptualize, create and deliver the perfect web design that is fresh, dynamic and professional.
Our courses begin with basic concepts of development and slowly progresses to an advanced level. Ours is among the best web development courses online. The different areas of web design include web graphic design, user interface design, user experience design and search engine optimization to name a few. Whether it is updating an existing website or creating a new one, this course prepares our students to deliver a visually compelling website.

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Program Duration

Duration: 10 months

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Over the last few years, significant changes have taken place in the way people use the web. Therefore it is needless to say that this has also influenced how sites are designed. Hi-Tech Animation with its website design course online aims to teach its students the latest methodology and technology needed to create websites for both web and apps. Our curriculum covers coding with HTML and CSS, Javascript & jQuery, responsive website with Bootstrap, PHP MySQL, Wordpress and a lot more. We train using advanced softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD to name a few. Web designers design websites, web pages and applications for B2B, retail and corporate sectors hence the scope for employment is unlimited.

Course Details

Introduction to website designing

Duration: 16 classes

  • Introduction to website designing.
  • Designing and development process.
  • Communication on the Internet.
  • Introduction to Raster graphics, environment and color models.
  • Document creation.
  • Canvas & controls.
  • Designing Tools.
  • Color Correction process.
  • Mobile App UI design.
  • Web UI design.
  • Prototyping.
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Software Used:

Photoshop CC

Adobe XD

Adobe XD

Coding with HTML and CSS

Duration: 24 classes

  • Introduction to HTML.
  • Environment creation.
  • HTML elements.
  • Link Creation.
  • HTML5 Audio & Video.
  • What is CSS.
  • Types of CSS.
  • Advanced CSS.
  • CSS Properties.
  • CSS Animation.
  • Projects.
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Software Used:




Javascript and jQuery

Duration: 12 classes

  • Introduction to JavaScript.
  • Values and Variables.
  • Data Types.
  • Basic Operators of js.
  • Taking Decisions: if / else Statements.
  • Iteration: The for Loop.
  • Functions.
  • Introduction to jQuery.
  • Implementation of various jQuery features
  • jQuery Selectors, Events, Methods & more.
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Software Used:




Responsive Website with Bootstrap

Duration: 10 classes

  • Introduction to Bootstrap.
  • Grid system.
  • Initial Environment Setup.
  • Bootstrap components.
  • Projects.
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Software Used:


PHP MySQL and Wordpress

18 classes

  • Introduction to php.
  • Setup Xampp server.
  • Technical process of Audio-Visuals.
  • Operators, Functions.
  • Introduction to database.
  • Database concept.
  • Form Validation.
  • Introduction to Wordpress.
  • Theme customization.
  • Theme development.
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Software Used: