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Our Projects

Being in animation and vfx industry for a long time Hi-Tech Animation has created hundreds of project for numerous prestigious concerns in India and abroad. Our political themed animation shows for national and regional TV channels have obtained immense popularity. Off late we have come up with our nationally hit animation spoof “Excuse me”, being aired in ‘Zee News’- one of the prime national channels in India. The show has been widely accepted and appreciated all over India. Some other channels in our portfolio include ABP Ananda, Zee Bangla, Rupashi Bangla, Dhoom Music, SITI group of channels, to name a few. Hi-Tech Animation has an alluring success with outsourced projects including shows on channels like POGO, NICK, SONIC, SONY, Cartoon Network and lot more. Spread across an area of 7000 sq. ft, our production house presently accommodates 200 professionals. We are undergoing an expansion procedure to accommodate more than 1000 professionals with more advanced infrastructure and facility. Besides that, hundreds of projects and assignments are being crafted by our students every year. With colossal expertise and endeavor in film and media production, Hi-Tech Animation is an amalgam of both qualitative and quantitative excellence in crafting ordinary students into extraordinary professionals.

Here is a glance at some of our own creations created in our own production house.

3D Animation

Probably the most significant technological innovation in the fields of media and entertainment industry. By now 3D Animation transcended the peripheries of film and media and is being extensively used in each and every industry across the globe. Be it Automation, FMCG, Advertising, Space research to Real Estate- every industry is resorting to this disruptive technology in some way or the other.

2D Animation

It is the oldest form of animation. This classic art form existed since 1800s. It is one drawing followed by another in a slightly different pose, followed by another in a slightly different pose, on and on for 24 frames a second. Hi-Tech Animation have achieved sheer brilliance in this traditional form of animation.

Motion Graphics

This is an art of creating audio visual illusion of motion or rotation using pieces of digital clips or animation which are usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects.

Explainer Video

It is the most compelling art of audio visual communication. It not only communicates but also explains a product, service, situation, incident or anything to anyone or to the mass. It includes infovideos, infographics, promotional videos, ‘How to’ videos and tutorials. With advent of globalised economy, businesses are highly depending on explainer videos for better communications and scalability. We have an envious line of clientele who use videos created by our students in our own production house.

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