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Profit Looking for a business venture with assured profit and secured income?
Prospect With growing prospect of Animation and VFX industry across the world, demand and prospect for Animation education is immensely high.
Respect Is there any profession which garners more respect than that of the teaching profession?

In a nutshell

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”- Benjamin Franklin.
We at Hi-Tech Animation believe every business initiative is a successful venture if driven by skilled and insightful leaders. This is how Hi-Tech Animation has become the fastest growing animation institute chain in India. We at Hi-Tech Animation not only create skilled professionals but also empower and incubate people to become successful business leaders by offering our brand for franchise. We all know health, media and education are three recession proof industries in the world. Every single stint in these three sectors has potential to yield unprecedented profit for the investors. Through our brand expansion mechanism across the nation, we are looking forenthusiastic partners/ franchise to cherish our successful manoeuvre in education industry.

Why Animation franchise?

Profit, Prospect and Respect are three indispensable aspects for every business initiative. Any business venture sans any of these aforesaid attributes cannot be termed as successful. A franchise in animation is one of the very few business opportunities to ensure all the above attributes. Today, multimedia has become the fulcrum of global economy, and animation along with VFX, graphics and web holds a significant share of this growing media industry. Still if you are wondering about the profit and prospect, contact our executives to get a clear picture.

Investment and Infrastructure

  • Total investment: INR 30-35 Lakh, all inclusive (depends on the city of proposed franchise)
  • Infrastructure: Location of 1500 sq. ft. carpet area with proper connectivity and transport facility.
  • Additional preference: Applicants from education/marketing background are preferred.

Unique franchise proposal

Hi-Tech Animation offers two modes of franchise operations namely,
FOFO (Franchise Owned, Franchise Operated)
FOCO (Franchise Owned, Company Operated)
The best thing about having a franchise of Hi-Tech Animation is that we have evolved the FOCO model of operation to an extent where the ownership remains with the franchise holder while entire marketing operations are being conducted by Hi-Tech Animation. For franchise holders this kind of operation also mitigates the risks pertaining to every business ventures. Unlike, other franchise proposals, Hi-Tech Animation as the mother organization bears all the risks, costs and uncertainties related to marketing activities in FOCO model. In this model of business, the franchise owner is the primary beneficiary who reaps the benefits of skilled marketing operations without sharing any cost and liability in advance for it.
While in FOFO model of operations, both ownership and operations are sole responsibility of franchise owner/s. In this model, marketing costs are being incurred by the franchise owner/s.
In both models of operation, education, placement and associated services related to education are being monitored by Hi-Tech Animation.

We have a legacy of creating and contributing a colossal pool of successful professional in Animation and VFX industry. We have an impeccable legacy of satisfactory services, be it channels, clients, students or our existing franchise holders.
Corporate Associations
Hi-Tech Animation is basically a production house working with renowned national and international corporate channels and production house. No other animation franchisor offers such a robust credential to their franchise holders.
Clairvoyance and excellence
Business and education services at Hi-Tech Animation is governed by directors having tremendous business acumen and clairvoyance. A deep rooted culture of clairvoyant business and excellence in education, made us the fastest growing animation institute chain in India.

Learn more about us

Hi-Tech Animation is redefining the precincts of knowledge and education through our existing 18 centers located in Bengal, Bihar, Odisha and several other states and union territories. We are marching towards a successful culmination at hundred centers across India with the objective to promote and facilitate quality education to students from all strata of our society. So if you are intending to own a successful business of your own having optimum social relevance, call our executives to learn about your prospect as our franchise.

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