Recruitment assistance at Hi-Tech Animation

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Learning at this institute For over two decades this institute (Hi-Tech Animation) has empowered artists who want to pursue their dreams. The Indian society has embedded the qualities of conventional learning for years. From a very young age we learn and believe that in order to excel it is mandatory to be a part of the [...]

How to begin your career in Animation & Multimedia?

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A brief understanding of the subject The media and entertainment (Animation & Multimedia) industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. The demand for entertainment content has been spiking with larger access among the mass. It really is a much tugged up pit to take into account. The world of media has always been [...]

Animators of Guru aur Bhole

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Animated series of SONY YAY (Guru aur Bhole) What is this new show which has got everyone bonkers over their great animation and outstanding storyline? Guru aur Bhole is a new animated series by Hi-Tech Animation which streams on SONY YAY. This TV series has got people binge watching with so much curiosity and bundles of [...]

Career oriented courses offered by Hi-Tech Animation

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Multimedia courses are no longer just a hobby. The media industry is the largest business and employment generating sector on this globe. The potential of media courses is increasing at a very fast rate. Hi-Tech Animation institute in Kolkata understands this growing potent and delivers the most industry oriented courses in 3D Animation, VFX (visual effects), [...]