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Advance Visual & Special Effects

From liquid splashes in TV commercials to Los Angeles sinking in the movie “2012, from dragons spewing fire in the “Game of Thrones” to Thanos from “Avengers” disintegrating into dust particles, everything nowadays is done through the use of visual and special effects. The success of these films has encouraged filmmakers to invest in effects-heavy films. Computer generated imagery (CGI) has become more affordable and easy to use through the animation and compositing software now available in the market. Film makers have moved towards using these new age techniques which provide realistic imagery and avoid expensive, dangerous and time consuming options of live shooting. From creating natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, tornados to imaginative scenarios like men walking on water, everything that can be imagined can now be created. Our students are trained in this creative and limitless platform to deliver such effects for games, TV commercials, web series and movies.

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Program Duration

Duration: 12 months

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Hi-Tech Animation’s Advanced Visual and Special Effects course is designed to create a solid foundation and build unique capabilities in visual and special effects. We help the students develop the technical and artistic skill needed to work in the industry with ease. Our curriculum covers the entire gamut from design fundamentals to creating the CGI content using production procedure.The students learn to create visuals and effects which look ultra-realistic with the help of lighting and compositing techniques. We impart in-depth knowledge of tools such as Houdini and Maya. Our students learn to develop CGFX pipelines and processes that are at par with our counterparts in the west.

Course Details

CG Content Creation

Duration: 5 months

  • Introduction to CGI
  • Understanding how CGI integrate with VFX
  • Product Modeling for TV Commercials
  • Environment Modeling for VFX Films
  • Texturing the Models to make them Realistic
  • Realistic Lighting to integrate on VFX Plates
  • Fundamentals of Animation
  • Basics of Dynamics
  • Extending Hair and Cloth on VFX plates using Maya Dynamics
Course Image
Software Used:

Autodesk Maya

Advanced CG FX

Duration: 7 months

  • What is Proceduralism how Houdini works
  • Creating Procedural Models using SOP tools
  • Creating Environments using Height Fields
  • Working with Particle FX and Creating Rain and Snowfall
  • Working for Destruction based shots for VFX Films
  • Adding Realism to Destruction Shots with Debris and Pyro
  • Creating Dust Storms and Explosions
  • Creating Largescale Fluids using FLIP Fluids
  • Creating Small Scale Fluids using FLIP and POP Fluids
  • Working with Grains and Cloth using Vellum
  • Hair and Fur workflows in Houdini with Vellum
  • Rendering and Compositing workows with Arnold and Redshift
Course Image
Software Used:
SideFX Houdini



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