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What Is The Prospect Of A Good VFX Training?


In filmmaking, visual effects (abbreviated VFX) are the processes by which imagery is created and/or manipulated outside the context of a live action shot. The VFX industry is at a rapid growth and will be reaching new heights in the upcoming future. Bahubali, Makkhi, Life of Pi, Spiderman, Avatar and there is an endless list of movies that make use of special effects called VFX in industry parlance , to either highlight certain effects or maintain the flow (as in the case of Sci-fi movies) of the story. Almost all the movies that are made in today’s day and age use VFX.


Due to the tremendous growth of this industry, it is creating great career opportunities for trained & talented people. The size of the animation, VFX and post production has grown tremendously from 31 per cent CAGR in 2011 to 51.1 per cent in 2015. In addition to this by 2017 the industry is meant to grow even broader and become even bigger as time passes by.  This will be leading to the increase in employment opportunities in the VFX industry. A VFX artist gets to experiment and play with all the tools that are a part of editing and create the impossible on screen.


Any bomb blast, fire scene, fairy land or any random superficial element in the films is inculcated by the elements of VFX. Now, a good VFX training will not just help you master the skills of visual effects but also open the corridors of employment opportunities and career options to you. You can work with top companies in the entertainment industry both in India and abroad once you’ve completed a VFX course in Kolkata from a reputed institute. In addition to this a good VFX training will be very essential if you want to mark your space in the industry.

Visual effects is the current trend and it is gaining excellent ground in the entire global market. By perfecting yourself at the craft you will be stepping into the enormous and massive industry that promises only success. There are no letdowns in the industry as it is always progressing and moving forward. Another thing about this industry is that its advancement depends on the technical growth and technologies’ improvement. Well, even a clueless person is aware of the fact that the machinery and technology is only going to improve with passing years.

In conclusion, we understand that VFX industry will be escalating to new heights in the upcoming year and that is a reason why there’ll be only positive and optimistic prospects for this particular field.

Hitech Kolkata
December 28, 2016