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How to Write Your 1St CV?


Writing a great CV is your first step to securing your dream job. There’s lots of advice out there about what makes the perfect CV, but one thing to consider is it can differ depending on where you are in your career. If you’re looking for your first time job, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it might be a struggle to fill out your CV with enough attention grabbing information to snag a position. As a fresher you might not have work experience to put in your resume but make sure that you inculcate all your talents and key skills in the resume. It goes without saying that you will have spent the best part of the last few years concentrating on your exams, so you should rightly be proud of whatever you have achieved. As well as including a general round-up of how you did overall, you could use your CV as an opportunity to detail any subject which you have done particularly well in, or enjoyed the most. This is particularly relevant if applying for a job relating to that subject.

On the other hand when you’re pursuing an animation course in Kolkata it will be thoroughly taught to you how to write a fully fledged first time resume. Not just animation even when you opt for a VFX course in Kolkata you will learn that how important it is to present a proper resume as a fresher. Make sure to include skills like Time management skills from organizing your route and making sure that papers are delivered on time, Communication skills and customer service experience from chatting to customers, Cash handling experience if you’ve taken money in, Experience that shows you’re reliable – you’ve done the route every day.

It’s not just exams and academic achievements which help when looking for employment, your activities outside of the school curriculum show that you’re a well-rounded individual. They can also show crucial job-skills, such as team-work, commitment and problem solving. Perhaps you were part of a sports team, took part in amateur dramatics, or did some volunteering in the community – it all helps to show off the variety of skills you have to offer.

Don’t blabber too much of nuisance in the CV just because you have less content. Impose on putting up solid skills and talents you possess. Moreover, the important thing is don’t go wrong with any amount of information that is put on the CV.

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April 25, 2017
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