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Why study with Hi-Tech?

Hi-Tech is not a typical training institute, we are a Animation Production House which provides best quality Multimedia training course at a very affordable price that will help you to build up your individual identity in this magic world of Multimedia. We pride ourselves in giving excellent training by the industry expert those who have worked on dozens of Digital Projects for leading national and international Television Channels and production houses. Besides that we are all set for some National level Project and we hope that it would be the talk of the town in near future.

What are the courses you are covering and their duration?

There are several courses that we are offering. Such as Advanced 3D Animation, VFX, Film Editing, Graphics and Web Designing and their duration is 18 months, 24 months, 18 months, 12 months respectively.

What is the procedure for registration in Hi-Tech?

There are some simple steps that you have to follow, like: First, you have to face a one on one counseling session at our institute, then you need to sit for an aptitude test designed by our experts. If you can prove your excellence in that examination, you will get a call from our management department and afterword, they will guide your total registration procedure.

Do I need any special qualification?

Not at all. No special qualification are needed. The secret of success depends on the learner’s spirit and interest. At the end, all you really need is a strong desire to shape up your career in this industry. Rest our experts will teach you.

How many classes are there in a week?

There are 4 classes for each regular course in a week. 2 days theory classes and 2 days practical classes. Duration for each class is-2 hours. For the crash courses, the number of classes depend on the software one wants to learn or master.

What are the documents required to be submitted at the time of registration?

The documents for enrollment is very simple here, which includes- i) 2 copy passport size photograph of the candidate. ii) One copy of age proof. iii) One copy of address proof. iv) Last academic qualification proof of the candidate. That’s all we need as documentation in the time enrollment.

Is there any age limitation for the course?

There is no such age limitation for our courses. Any interested candidate from any field after their class 10th examination can apply for any of the course. All a candidate need is their desire to learn.

I already know some of the basic Multimedia based software’s. Can I skip the early stages?

We always emphasize the students to cover our full 18 Months duration course, because here they get the rare opportunity to learn each and every single detail about the subject from the Industry Experts from the very beginning. And this training process is itself an asset for their academic career. But if anyone wants to skip the early stages of the course, then the candidate has to sit for an advance level entrance examination designed by our experts. Based upon the result of that Examination, our Faculty and management team take decisions whether the candidate can skip the early stages or not.

What kind of PC or Laptop should I have for practicing at home?

We give enough practice facility to every candidate, so there is no need to buy any PC or Laptop at the initial level, but for the advance level, if you feel, then you can buy a PC or Laptop of your own. For that, you need to consult with our technical team. They will suggest the exact configuration as per your budget.

Will I get the essential education kit covering my course from your institute or should I have to buy it from the market?

You need not to buy any course material from the market, because you will be provided with the entire educational kit covering your total course by us.

Is there any kind of scholarship or stipend your company is offering for the students?

Quality comes with price. We do not follow any scholarship or stipend programs cause our fee is already very reasonable. But yes, occasionally we provide scholarship to the extra ordinary students.

Will I get show reel as an end product & will I get help on my resume?

Absolutely. It’s all about a good show reel. By the end of any course, you will have completed dozens of shots, each one ready to use on your show reel, which will be your calling card to find your dream job. Besides this our placement department will assist you in creating a professional resume.

At the end of the course, will I be able to make animation movies of my own?

Yes you can. But apart from the technical knowledge much depends on the creativity, conceptualization and presentation.

Do I get Diploma?

Diploma or degree do not always certify the potential of the candidate, but it’s their working knowledge which proves their credibility. Here we emphasize on nurturing the esthetical and technical knowhow of the student and that is what we certify in a form of a certificate approved by the experts.

Do your company have collaboration with any Television Channel?

We do not have any collaboration with any Television Channel But yes, we do the Animations for the different leading Television Channels.

Is there any job guarantee after the course completion?

We do not believe in a fake commitment like 100% job guarantee. We believe , if you show your 100% sincerity throughout the course, you yourself would be capable enough to crack any interview based on your credibility. We are not committing you a job to any particular company. Post training, you will be provided with complete job assistance by our placement department unless and until you get a job.

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