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Best Visual Effects Software You Use

Hitech Kolkata
March  27, 2017

There are many Visual effects software in the market many of them are price variant. One among them is 3ds Max (3D Studio Max) ’09. Employed ...

Tips To Learn Multimedia

Hitech Kolkata
March  25, 2017

One of the most exciting and effective aspects of instructional design in today’s tech-friendly world is the fact that you have access to a w...

5 Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts for Faster Editing

Hitech Kolkata
March  07, 2017


This shortcut is an immensely helpful tool that helps you to create a duplicate layer of the existing one. You will be able to mak...

Why Schirkoa VFX is so different?

Hitech Kolkata
March  06, 2017

A drop-out from BITS Pilani, Ishan Shukla first conceived this film as a graphic novel in 2012 and then started working on his own animated adaptat...

Prospect in Indian Media and Entertainment Sector

Hitech Kolkata
February  21, 2017

“And in my opinion, entertainment in its broadest sense has become a necessity rather than a luxury in the life”

-Walt Disne...