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Key points you must know about motion graphics & Animation

Hitech Kolkata
January  31, 2018

As a motion and graphic designer, you must know certain thumb rules to excel at your work. With growing ubiquity of electronic and digital devices ...

How was the latest Power Rangers a power pack film?

Hitech Kolkata
January  24, 2018

Chosen by destiny and by virtue, the power Rangers yet set on another mission to save the planet from foreign intruders. What is so different in th...

Graphic designing: A professional course to enter the advertising industry

Hitech Kolkata
January  18, 2018

If you want to know what is the most happening industry right now it would definitely be the advertisement industry. Advertisements are nothing but...

Top 5 must watch upcoming animation movie of 2018

Hitech Kolkata
January  06, 2018

2017 was an awesome year for animated movies and 2018 would be no less. A lot of amazing animated movies are promised and we cannot wait to watch t...

Important things Graphics designer should know before entering the professional world

Hitech Kolkata
January  05, 2018

"With great powers come great responsibilities."

Take a moment to think; what is the glue that has kept the multimedia, web and advertis...

Do you know what the first animated character was?

Hitech Kolkata
January  04, 2018

With successful films like Frozen and Boss baby, it is difficult to imagine a time when animation was not the trend. As cinema started developing a...

Top animation institute that takes responsibility for placement after completion of course

Hitech Kolkata
January  03, 2018

Being in the digital age there are not many reasons for you suffer to get an animation course. We all know that institutes these days only want to ...

VFX of the movie “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”

Hitech Kolkata
January  02, 2018

Kingsman: The Golden circle was expected a lot more than its first part but definitely disappointed its audience with the clueless plot ad directio...

Do you know? “Justice League” is the second most expensive film ever made

Hitech Kolkata
December  30, 2017

Justice League might not have made the bucks in the box office but it is rumored to be the second most expensive film ever made in Hollywood. Wall ...

Story of “Peter Rabbit” and its fantastic animation

Hitech Kolkata
December  29, 2017

Peter Rabbit, the rebel and mischievous rabbit who had intimidated the audience for so long is now ready to hit the theatres with his very own feat...