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Animation-An Alternative & Lucrative Career Option!



Animation is a combination of art and technology. The continuous Evolving technologies of 2D and 3D animation and visual effects are not only used for web games, movies, video games, advertising, graphic designing and web designing , but also animation has versatile usage in numerous other industries. Animation is used in medical sector, forensic sector as well as in educational sector. Not just this but Architecture visualization and mechanical animation is used to create 3D models of cars and buildings.

In India, students still choose to pursue conventional technical courses like engineering or MBA. But only 7% of engineering or MBA graduates are employable because graduates only collect degrees but they do not have enough skills to be a productive part of Indian economy.

After huge investment of time and money in these courses , students get stuck in low-paying jobs  which can be as low as Rs 10.000 per month, an << ASSOCHAM >> (http://www.dnaindia.com/money/report-only-7-mba-graduates-employable-most-earning-less-than-rs-10000-a-month-assocham-2206759) study has said. Lack of innovation and research in these traditional education fields, failure to upgrade university syllabus, lack of quality teachers and skilled-based education, tough admission procedure in top colleges result in poor employability. Also companies are prone to visit only top B-schools and engineering colleges to recruit potential employees while admission in these few colleges remain a distant dream for most students . It clearly states that an animation course will definitely get you more weigh in terms of job guarantee rather than a regular course.

Hence choosing an alternative career option like animation can help students secure employability   in tough job market of Indian economy. After successful completion of animation course, an animator could be absorbed in advertising, web-designing, video making, editing, games development, film-industry and in ITES (Information technology enabled services) industries. In the digital age there is huge scope for anyone who pursues animation as a career option. The animation industry in India is booming with success and there is ample number of opportunities for anyone who wishes to be a part of this gigantic industry.

Hitech Kolkata
July  17, 2017
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