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Basics of 3D Modelling

Hitech Kolkata
October 17, 2016

The use of 3D animation doesn’t associate only with the films anymore. Now, 3D animation has become an integral part of many industries like, advertising, 3D modelling in architecture, creating educational programs for schools, colleges,etc. This evolution in the field of 3D animation has not only increased the demand for the 3D animators, but also […]

How To Create A Good Logo?

Hitech Kolkata
October 14, 2016

Everything in this world has an identity of its own, which helps it in getting it recognized. Similarly, a logo is a mark, emblem or a symbol used by the different business houses to help the customers identify their products and services. It is a Greek word. It is of great importance as it gives […]

5 Basic Principles Of Animation

Hitech Kolkata
October 13, 2016

Animation is a process or a technique by which a set of images is made to look in a motion. It is used in many spheres of life and has become an indispensable part of our daily routine. From movies to educational courses, it is present everywhere. One has to be certified in order to […]

The Scope Of Getting A Job For A Good Multimedia Artist

Hitech Kolkata
October 6, 2016

Multimedia is a combination of various things like video, images, symbols used to create a message for communicating with an audience. It is instrumental in the success of every organization. It is being widely used ever since the development and increased penetration of the internet in every corner of our life. It is the current […]

Learn Graphics Design And Bring Colors To Your Life

Hitech Kolkata
October 5, 2016

Graphic designing is the process of communicating with the concerned person or party to convey a pre-thought message with the help of various images, symbols, graphs, etc. It has become a very important part of every business house. It helps in creating and maintaining a relationship between the buyer and the seller. It is helpful […]

What Web Designers Can Learn From A Good Animation Website Design?

Hitech Kolkata
October 4, 2016

A good website has become an important clog in the wheel of any organisation. A good website is instrumental in the success of every business entity. It bridges the gap between the consumers and the company concerned. It is an effective way of communication between the two parties. A good website requires a good web […]

How To Create A Cruel Animation Character

Hitech Kolkata
October 3, 2016

Every story, whether it is a book or an animated series or movie has a villain or an evil character in it. It is important as everything in life has two sides, good and evil. It is an important part of any storyline as it is very crucial for the story to move ahead. No […]

Creating Animals In 3D Animation

Hitech Kolkata
September 30, 2016

3D animation is basically a process of creating a three dimensional model of anything. 3D animation is used in making animated movies better than before. An animated movie generally caters to children and children loves animals. So, it is but obvious that an animated movie will have different animals in it. There are many animated […]

How A Great Video Editor Can Change A Movie

Hitech Kolkata
September 29, 2016

We all know that editing is necessary, whether it is in writing a script or while creating a video. Editing a video or film is all about rearranging the various shots, enhancing the colours in such a manner to deliver a story to the audiences. Video editing is associated with the post production work, where […]

Learn VFX And You May Win An Oscar

Hitech Kolkata
September 28, 2016

The work of VFX in the making of a film has become one of the most important parts around the world. Almost in every genre, whether it is romance, action or sci-fi, the film makers hire VFX artists to get the job done. From plane crashing, super heroes flying in the air to cars colliding […]