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Scope Of Animation In Kolkata

Hitech Kolkata
March 28, 2017

Learning Animation The animation industry in India is expected to grow at a pace faster than the IT industry’s! Animation as a career option is a field where you can fulfill your dream of “enjoy-as-you-work”, feel satisfied at the end of your day and get praise from your clients as well. One can study animation, […]

Best Visual Effects Software You Use

Hitech Kolkata
March 27, 2017

  There are many Visual effects software in the market many of them are price variant. One among them is 3ds Max (3D Studio Max) ’09. Employed in many of the top Hollywood film productions, videogames and TV commercials, but also priced for the home studio, this full-featured 3D modeling, animation, rendering and effects solution […]

Best Animation Institutes In India- What To Expect And What Not?

Hitech Kolkata
March 21, 2017

  Creating animations that are synthesized on the computer is the focus of this course. Computer generated lighting and backgrounds are used with original characters developed by students. Computer animation production techniques are used to create a short animation project. An animation institute will help you to learn these accordingly. The best animation institute in […]

Passed 12? Join Animation Training Institute For Better Career

Hitech Kolkata
March 20, 2017

    Career in animation is relatively new as compared to other traditional careers in manufacturing, services, or research. Animation is a combination of art and technologies wherein moving images are created in 2d and 3d to impress, educate, and entertain viewers and users. Animation involves creation of images from as simple as a leaves […]

How To Make A Perfect Video Reference?

Hitech Kolkata
March 16, 2017

  References (or refs or simply reliable sources), on Wikipedia, are important to verify content and inform the reader of its source. Any editor can remove unsupported statements, and unsubstantiated articles may be deleted. When adding content to an article, cite your sources to help readers verify facts or find more details. It is also […]

Tips To Learn Multimedia

Hitech Kolkata
March 15, 2017

One of the most exciting and effective aspects of instructional design in today’s tech-friendly world is the fact that you have access to a wide range of media tools. From interactive presentations to visually stunning images, eLearning professionals have the power to create eLearning courses that are not only beautiful, but also highly engaging for […]

5 Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts for Faster Editing

Hitech Kolkata
March 7, 2017

Ctrl+J This shortcut is an immensely helpful tool that helps you to create a duplicate layer of the existing one. You will be able to make an exact duplicate of the same layer. You won’t have to open a separate layer, by just using this shortcut you will be able to open a duplicate layer. […]

Why Schirkoa VFX is so different?

Hitech Kolkata
March 6, 2017

A drop-out from BITS Pilani, Ishan Shukla first conceived this film as a graphic novel in 2012 and then started working on his own animated adaptation on and off for four years while working at a day job. After spending strenuous hours on this, the CG Artist and Filmmaker created “Schirkoa” a 14 minute animated […]

Video Reference – A Must Know Skill For An Animator

Hitech Kolkata
February 28, 2017

An animator does a lot many things other than animating characters for films and advertisements. Video reference is an essential part in the process to learn animation. If you wish to be an animator you must make it a point to learn the skill of video reference with absolute perfection and professionalism. Good Animation Course […]

How To Make Perfect Animal Animation?

Hitech Kolkata
February 27, 2017

You want to be the one to make the next Lion King, eh? Well, then this is the guide for you. Animals are a bit trickier than people, mainly because you have 100% more legs to work with than humans most of the time. To grasp how animals move, there are 4 essential steps. Anatomy, […]