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5 Questions To Ask Before Joining An Animation Course

Hitech Animation
June 27, 2017

How much time will you finish the course in? Why- This will help you in calculating the revision time that you will get with the coaching institute and its faculty. Are you providing any study material and mock tests, revision, crash courses? If yes, then how many? Do you provide tips and tricks beyond the […]

Industry Trends Of Web Designing

Hitech Animation
June 20, 2017

The last few years have seen a sea change in how people view design’s role in business. Design has shifted from a late-in-the-process “optimization” stage where designers swooped in to sprinkle on some “pretty” like mystical fairy dust to a real competitive advantage. It’s been an amazing evolution to watch. And a fascinating element of […]

5 Latest Short Film With Great Graphics Work

Hitech Animation
June 19, 2017

Big Buck Bunny Big Buck Bunny is an award-winning animated short film released online by the Blender Foundation in 2008. A large and lovable rabbit deals with three tiny bullies, led by a flying squirrel, who are determined to squelch his happiness. Like the foundation’s previous film Elephants Dream, the film was made using Blender, […]

ABCD- An Animation Story For Children

Hitech Animation
June 13, 2017

As the title suggests it is an animated story for children. The thing that needs to be taken into consideration and mostly appreciated by the creators is the number of variety characters they have introduced. There is a butterfly, cabbage, and dolphin. Rhinoceros and even ants. The video begins with the cabbage finding trouble in […]

Shiba- A 3d Animation Project Of Hi-Tech Animation

Hitech Animation
June 12, 2017

This short video created by Hi-tech animation is the excellent proof of the great animation work that takes place in their studios. The story is about the blue wonder boy- who is the avatar of Lord Shiva. An old monk finds him at midnight amidst the temple and that boy is adopted by two villagers […]

The Stupendous Impact Of The Blocksbuster Of “Bahubali 2: The Conclusion” Over The Film Technology And Indian Cinema

Hitech Animation
June 7, 2017

Indian Blockbuster “Bahubali 2: the Conclusion” (2017) has changed the preconceived notion that only Hollywood could justify the the advanced use of VFX and Animation in their movies. When we hear the word best “epic-drama”, the names come to our mind are “The Lord of the Rings series” or “Gladiator” or the American TV series […]

5 Job Opportunities For A Graphic Designer

Hitech Animation
June 5, 2017

Multimedia Designer One of the most common graphic design jobs is multimedia design. If you explore graphic design career options in this field there are a few skills you might need to develop. A multimedia designer uses art, sound, and design skills to create video, audio, and animated images. They produce sketches, plans, scale models, […]

Trump Might Be Stealing Jobs For IT But We Will Tell You How You Can Achieve Your Dream Job

Hitech Animation
May 30, 2017

New US President Donald Trump’s ‘Buy American-hire American’ rallying cry has put the $150- billion Indian IT industry on edge, which is in wait-and-watch mode to see how the new administration evolves policies around outsourcing and movement of skilled workers. India hopes to have a meaningful engagement with the US, Electronics and IT Minister Ravi […]

Things To Remember Before An Animation Job Interview

Hitech Animation
May 29, 2017

It goes without saying that when it comes to animation job interviews, it’s a good idea to be prepared and get some pre-prepared answers in your back pocket to ensure a prospective employer doesn’t catch you out completely on the day. There are a couple of things you must know before you appear for an […]

What You Can Learn In Audio Video Story Module Of Your VFX Course?

Hitech Animation
April 27, 2017

In filmmaking, visual effects (abbreviated VFX) are the processes by which imagery is created or manipulated outside the context of a live action shot. Visual effects involve the integration of live-action footage and generated imagery to create environments which look realistic, but would be dangerous, expensive, impractical, or impossible to capture on film. Visual effects […]

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