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Your career in Animation

Hitech Kolkata
June 20, 2016

Recent years have witnessed a drastic change in the field of animation. With the growing demand in films, cartoons, television and internet, different types of job opportunities relevant to this field have cropped up. But, it is necessary to get your certification from a reputed institute, which will help you to get placed right after […]

Why Graphic Designing Course?

Hitech Kolkata

Whenever you think of a career in web media, then graphic designing will more often than not come to your mind. But, why graphic designing? This question might definitely pop up. If you are still in a dilemma in deciding which course will be better, then by the end of this article you will have […]

Graphic Designing

Hitech Kolkata
June 17, 2016

Graphic designing is all about conceptualising the visual effects, colour, images and other aspects of a company’s website in order to communicate with the customers and create a link between them. In this digital world, a graphic designer plays a vital role in creating a link between a company and its customers. Graphic designing is […]

Different Types of Graphic Design Courses

Hitech Kolkata

Graphic designing courses have become one of the most popular courses in this world of technology. With the increasing number of small enterprises and their dependency on the digital world, graphic designing has become one of the most fascinating job opportunities. Just before going for a graphic designing course, you should analyze your area of […]

Designing courses

Hitech Kolkata

What if I tell you that all multimedia courses or designing courses can be done under one roof? Yes, you heard it right! Hi-Tech Animation is the place, where you can learn different types of designing courses related to the digital world. Hi-Tech Animation offers high quality web designing, graphic designing, animation, VFX and multimedia […]

Animation Course and Its Details

Hitech Kolkata

Planning a career in animation or digital media? Then, a good animation course can prove to be very helpful in finding a foothold in the animation world. The growing demand of pictures with special effects makes animation courses a must for every student, who wants to be a part of advanced media. Given below is […]

VFX Software

Hitech Kolkata

Visual effects or VFX is all about creating an imagery which is either too dangerous or costly in real world. With the help of VFX software, you can change the background with a different imagery which is not possible to capture in the real world. There are lots of stunts or scenery which cannot be […]

Web Design Institute

Hitech Kolkata

Web designing includes different aspects of work in the production and maintenance of a website. It needs a high level of effort and expertise to achieve it. Hence, if you are planning to do a web designing course, then you have to do a thorough research about web designing institutes before joining it and also […]


Hitech Kolkata
June 9, 2016

Web Designing courses are in demand now among all the other professional courses. What is web designing? Well, before going into details one should keep in mind that, it is not only about designing the website but much more than that. There are a number of reasons why one should choose a web design course. […]

Website Designing Skills Make All the Difference

Hitech Kolkata
May 16, 2016

Website designing skills is what sets designers apart. Frankly designing a website today is not anywhere near as hard as it was a decade ago. There is so much assistive technology out there that building a career requires that you have something “extra” to bring to the table. The fact is that you have to […]