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What Is The Importance Of Learning Multimedia For A Bright Career?

Hitech Animation
July 16, 2016

Have you ever realised what is the thing which keeps on developing and changing every day? The answer is “technology”. We live in a world, where everyone is technically dependant on almost everything. From kitchen tools to our transportation mode, we use technology in our daily life. We use only those products which attract us […]

What You Can Learn About Graphics and Multimedia Design in One Month

Hitech Animation
July 15, 2016

The day by day development in the field of digital media has also increased the demand for Graphic designing and multimedia designing in the industry. The reason behind the increase in demand of these arts is because of our dependency on the internet and the online services which make our life much easier every day. […]

5 Must Have Skills of an Animation Artist

Hitech Animation
July 14, 2016

Rome was not built in a day, neither were the extraordinary animation effects of The Lion King, Fantasia, Bambi and many more animated movies. We all know that it takes 24 frames per second to create a movement of an object. Animation is an art which requires a lot of inherited as well as learned […]

VFX Software

Hitech Animation
July 13, 2016

Our world has developed a lot in the past two decades as far as the technical aspects are concerned. From creating an animation to giving it a 3D effect, we can create anything we want with the help of a computer software. VFX or visual effects is also a part of a computer software, which […]

VFX Training Kolkata

Hitech Animation
July 11, 2016

Looking for a career course which is high in demand in the field of computers? You can opt from various VFX courses. Loaded with lots of career opportunities, this course can help you in achieving your dream career. A number of students are opting for this course due to its demand in the current industry. […]

3D Animation Courses Kolkata

Hitech Animation
July 9, 2016

The field of animation is developing day by day and 3D animation is the perfect example of an advanced form of animation. Due to its importance in the media industry, many career experts are suggesting the students to opt for 3D animation courses as a career. My blog will educate you more about 3D animation […]

Multimedia Institute Kolkata

Hitech Animation
July 8, 2016

Our world has developed to such a level in the field of technology that our life is not complete without it. This era of digitalisation has also increased the job opportunities for all the multimedia students. Hence, if your area of interest is in computer work, then multimedia courses can help you achieve your dream […]

VFX Courses In Kolkata

Hitech Animation
July 7, 2016

We live in a technically advanced world, where technology is developing day by day. Initially, it was not possible to create artificial things on the screen in a way that they look real, but it is possible now. The demands of VFX are immense in both Hollywood and Bollywood. This is the reason so many […]

Video Editing Kolkata

Hitech Animation
July 6, 2016

Video editing is basically post production work. The process is to rearrange, remove or add some video clips in order to get the perfect video. This work is not only associated with filmmaking, but it is also very essential in the video making process. You have to edit videos according to the demand of the […]

3D Animation Company In Kolkata

Hitech Animation
July 5, 2016

The field of animation has drastically evolved in the recent years and 3D animation is the perfect example of an advanced animation. The demand for 3D animation in entertainment media has increased a lot in the recent times. In fact, its demand has also been felt in Kolkata. Today, you will find a number of […]

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