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3D Animation Kolkata

Hitech Kolkata
July 2, 2016

3D Animation is the latest and advanced type of animation. It has revolutionized the whole concept of animation in the recent times. Due to its growing demand in the industry, many students are taking up 3D Animation as a career. Though, a large number of institutes provide 3D animation courses in Kolkata, but not everyone […]

Web Design Training Kolkata

Hitech Kolkata
July 1, 2016

In this digital world, web designing has become one of the most important aspects of a company. Web designing is basically about creating an interesting and interactive website for a company, through which they can reach the targeted audience. Due to the growing demand of web designing in this era of digitalisation, many students are […]

Web Designing Course In Kolkata

Hitech Kolkata
June 30, 2016

Web designing is one of the most creative and interesting jobs in the IT industry. Apart from the IT sectors, other organizations also hire a Web Designer for their website development. Due to its immense job opportunities and handsome salaries, many students opt for a Web Designing course. The demand for this course is all […]

Web Design Company in Kolkata

Hitech Kolkata
June 29, 2016

Searching for a Web Design Company in Kolkata? What if I tell you that you don’t need to look further? Yes, you heard me right, because Hi-Tech Animation is one of the leading Web Design Companies in Kolkata. This company provides you the opportunity to learn all the aspects of web designing. Here are several […]

2D Animation Courses

Hitech Kolkata
June 28, 2016

2D animation is one of the latest and advanced type of animation. This animation is basically all about developing two dimensional effect of images, objects and environment with the help of a series of images, in order to create a story or a movie. Though 3D animation has dominated the digital media in recent times, […]

Graphics Design Courses

Hitech Kolkata
June 27, 2016

The growing interest towards graphic designing is the result of the success of small ventures along with the already established companies. These start-up companies and their effective ways of developing a relationship with the customers is possible because of graphic designing. In this competitive world, digital media plays a vital role in maintaining your company’s […]

Graphic Designing in Kolkata

Hitech Kolkata
June 25, 2016

Have you ever bought a product without any visual appeal? The answer is definitely No. We never buy something which is not pleasant or soothing to our eyes. Visual communication is one of the most important part of any advertisement and this job can only be done with the help of a good graphic designer. […]

Types of Animation

Hitech Kolkata
June 24, 2016

Animation has become one of the most important and integral part of the digital media. From creating a cartoon character to advertising a brand, animation plays a vital role in the entertainment media. Animation is an art of entertaining the audiences by creating a character or environment on the computer screen in such a way […]

Graphic Designing Course Details

Hitech Kolkata
June 23, 2016

Have you ever thought of a book without its cover, a Smartphone without any features or a website without any layout or interactive subjects? Definitely no. This is the real work of a graphic designer, who designs the website and helps the company to reach the target customers. With the growing demand of graphic designing […]

Build a career in 2D and 3D Animation

Hitech Kolkata

Digital media has evolved remarkably in the recent years. We live in a world, where our life has become totally dependent on technology. We can’t even think about a day in our life without our phones, laptops and other gadgets. And have you ever realized how much animation contributed to these gadgets? If yes, then […]