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What You Can Learn About Film Editing

Hitech Animation
August 4, 2016

Film making is not an easy task. What we see on the big screen is the result of the hard work of different experts who contribute a lot in the making of a film. From shooting the video, selecting the background, enhancing the video quality to video editing, these works are considered to be an […]

What Is The Toughest Part Of A VFX Training Course?

Hitech Animation
August 3, 2016

VFX or visual effect is about creating the extraordinary effects, background and such things which are impossible to create in reality. Like other multimedia courses, VFX also deals with some technicalities, which the students find difficult to learn. According to the VFX experts, out of the box thinking and creativity plays an important role in […]

Why Web Design Is A Great Career Option Now?

Hitech Animation
August 2, 2016

Nowadays, designing is no more associated with fashion designing where you have to design clothes and jewelleries only. A new designer has been born in this technically advanced world and we call him a web designer. Designing an interactive website for the company to attract more customers, have become one of the most demanding jobs […]

What Is The Best Part Of 3D Animation Course?

Hitech Animation
August 1, 2016

Learning 3D animation is as interesting as it looks on the screen. 3D animation has revolutionised the whole concept of animation and is still dominating the industry with its advanced techniques.  The career opportunities in 3D animation have also increased with its growing demand in almost every media-related field and this is the reason most […]

What Are The Career Objectives Of A Multimedia Expert

Hitech Animation
July 29, 2016

In this era of digitalisation, multimedia plays a vital role in developing different projects and works with the help of latest technology. Every company needs a combined effort of advertising and marketing related activities to succeed. Multimedia with its huge arsenal of activities definitely helps. Multimedia is all about developing the content out of images, […]

5 Do’s and Don’ts of a video editor

Hitech Animation
July 25, 2016

Video editing is a very important and complex process of choosing the best clips among the whole video shot and arranging or editing it to make the perfect or desired video. Video editing is considered to be the most difficult part of post-production and requires a lot of efforts. There are some guidelines which should […]

What You Can Learn about Video Editing in One Month

Hitech Animation
July 21, 2016

What if we have to randomly watch all the things captured by the camera while creating a story? Sounds weird right? We only watch the things edited and filtered by a video editor and it is called video editing. The work of a movie editor is to create a story with the help of different […]

The Future of Web Designing in India

Hitech Animation
July 20, 2016

Small enterprises have revolutionised online marketing with their innovative and interactive websites. Being the new ones in the market and lack of funds compared to the big companies, these new entrants communicate through the online medium and have come up with many innovative ideas to reach their customers through their website. This has led to […]

How a Visual Effect Artist Can Change a Film

Hitech Animation
July 19, 2016

VFX or visual effects have become one of the most important part in the making of a film. We usually think that the VFX technology is used mostly in action and sci-fi movies, but it is not true. VFX is used in almost every film to make some unrealistic things look real on the screen. […]

The Scope of a Good Animator in Television Industry

Hitech Animation
July 18, 2016

Gone are the days when animation was mostly associated with movies and less used in the television industry. There were few projects for TV animators due to the less exposure and limited animated series on television but now the demand has grown up to 22%. In fact, many big and reputed foreign as well as […]

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