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Skills Required For A Good Video Editor

Hitech Kolkata
August 18, 2016

Providing the final piece of work after editing is considered to be one of the toughest jobs, whether it is related to writing or filmmaking. Video editing is about removing the unnecessary clips and fine tuning the quality of a video. It is not always that a video editor has to work in the film […]

Learn VFX And Be A Movie Wizard

Hitech Kolkata
August 17, 2016

VFX or Visual effects are nothing but an art of creating something brilliant and unrealistic on the screen with the help of various tools and software. The scenes concerned are very tough and it can’t be shot in the real world. It may be because of many reasons like difficult terrain, cost factor or tough […]

What Is The Future Of Animation In India?

Hitech Kolkata
August 16, 2016

  Animation has come a long way and its development has also been seen in the Indian animation industry. Creating animation is all about giving your imagination a picture on the screen and yes, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. The animation industry has always had a place for the talented people. If I […]

Why Do You Think That Graphic Designing Is A Great Career Option For You?

Hitech Kolkata
August 12, 2016

Graphic designing is an art of combining words, images, and various symbols to make a visual product. There was a time when people had to look for a product in a market. Now, in the internet era, one can just sit and click to get anything delivered to your doorstep. A graphic designer converts the […]

3D Animation Or VFX- Which One Is Better

Hitech Kolkata
August 11, 2016

If someone asks which car is better Mercedes or Audi? What will be the answer? Some will say Mercedes while the other will prefer Audi. Just like that, you cannot differentiate between 3D animation and VFX. Both have their own importance in the industry. Growing technology has made these two techniques an integral part of […]

How to Learn The A-B-C Of Web Designing Quickly

Hitech Kolkata
August 10, 2016

Websites have become an integral part of any organisation. One feels incomplete if we don’t get any information about the company or any products. Websites provides all the answers to anyone`s query. A website is like a bridge between the company and its customers. Website designing is an art of building an innovative and creative […]

5 Great Indian Animators

Hitech Kolkata
August 9, 2016

The animators are like the magicians, who create magic on the screen by converting their imagination into reality. They possess the skills to think out of the box and amaze us with their creativity on the screen. India is considered to be the richest country when it comes to art. The Indian cinema has given […]

What Is The Future Of 3D Animation In India?

Hitech Kolkata
August 8, 2016

India has come a long way in the field of technology in the recent years and animation is surely one of them.  The use of advanced animation has not only become a part of the film-making process, but also for other sectors. In fact, 3D animation has become one of the most used animation type […]

Why Do You Learn Graphics Designing Course?

Hitech Kolkata
August 5, 2016

No one wants to invest money on the things which doesn’t pay back in the future. Just like that, no one wants to invest money on those career courses which do not have any bright future. It is tough to choose from the various career options available, but you need to think wisely while choosing […]

What You Can Learn About Film Editing

Hitech Kolkata
August 4, 2016

Film making is not an easy task. What we see on the big screen is the result of the hard work of different experts who contribute a lot in the making of a film. From shooting the video, selecting the background, enhancing the video quality to video editing, these works are considered to be an […]